The Flight through a Century

The history of domestic aeronautics or in the present-day variant aviation began in the far 1908, when the Aeroclub was opened in Odessa by the initiative of the well-known businessman Arthur Anatr.

On the 8 th of March of 1910 over Odessa racetrack the first in the history of Russia flight of the airplane of “Farman” system took place. The legendary pilot Mikhail Yefimov stood at the wheel of this airplane. And on the 14th (27) of 1911 the first airplane produced by the specialists of workshops of the naval battalion rose to the sky. These workshops started the foundation of the “Anatr’s airplane works” and the first flight defined the date of its birth.

Before the October revolution the Odessa works was the third by power in Russia and produced not only the foreign brands of airplanes, but also the planes of its own construction of “Anatr” system. The plane “Anatra-Anasal” proved oneself to be the most successful.

The successor of the Anatr’s works is the State enterprise “Odesaviaremservice” dealing with repair and modernization of planes MiG-21, MiG-23, MiG-27, L-39, Yak-52 and their aggregates; aero-engines and gear-boxes for planes MiG-29. The works has mastered the repair of the helicopter Ka-26 and engine M-14. It also deals with equipment of saloons with improved conveniences on the basis of airplanes An-24, An-26, An-30 and helicopters Mi-8, Mi-12. For aviation equipment the works serially produces high- and low-pressure hoses, mechanical rubber goods and glass covers made of plexiglass.

In 2003athemodernized plane of L-39 type was shown at the International aerospace salon “PARIS AIR SHOW LE BOURGET”. The enterprise carries out works on production and modernization of machining facilities, as well as repair of measurement instrumentation and checkout gear. The works conducts training of specialists on aircraft equipment maintenance and pilot technique of the planes MiG-21, MiG-2, L-39, Yak-52.

Production of the State enterprise “Odesaviaremservice” has been certified by the Ministry of Defense, State aviation administration of the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine and International Quality Board “Veritas”, it has International certificates of ISO-9001and SAE AS9110 (EN9110) systems.

On 27 th of April, 2006 at the airdrome “Shkolny” after almost seven-year break the plane “Anatra-Anasal” - an experimental replicated copy of the legendary model of 1916 - rose to the sky. The plain is very similar to its predecessor, but differs in material of which the plain’s case and engine are made. It is the only specimen in Ukraine! But the plane is allowed to perform not only demonstration flights, but also flights of International airlines of II category and out-of-route flights.

95 years ago the first airplane of domestic aviation rose to the sky in Odessa. The revival of the legend is return of aviation history to Ukraine. It is a recovery of the title of the aircraft construction works by the oldest enterprise of the field.

State Enterprise OARE “Odesaviaremservise”
32A, Marshala Zhukova Str,
Odessa, 65121, Ukraine.
Ph./fax: +38 (0482) 66-51-53,
(048) 716-88-09.